Now this is Paradise!

Now this is Paradise! When people arrive at Coco Beach Village and walk the grounds, it is only a matter of minutes before we here phrases like, from Mark B.; “This is exactly what I’ve been looking for”, “I love it here “and” the web pictures just don’t do it justice”. Most recently Leroy S. stated; “My back has hurt every day for 50 years, and the three days I’ve been at Coco Beach, I’ve had no pain!” He called his wife right in front of us and told her, “Pack up, put a for sale sign on the house, we are moving to the beach!”

While looking for the perfect property, when we set our eyes on this stretch of coastline we fell in love! After 3 1/2 years of dedicated hard work in fulfilling our dream and achieving our ideas and goals, Coco Beach Village is our vision come true.

Coco Beach Village goes against all the old school ways of designing a subdivision in Latin America. The local government (not knowing anything different) wanted lots of streets and a Malicon (a street that separates the beach from the private property), small lots with square uninteresting houses that are painted white and green areas in just two places inside of CBV.

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Here in Ecuador I do get DirecTV and see what is happening back where I used to live,
and where my daughters and the rest of my family still live. It upsets me to see what
the government is trying to do to bail the economy out of a depression ....(click here for
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At Coco Beach Village you choose whether to design and build it yourself or to take advantage of a local team who can take your project from start to finish. 

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The current economic crash has led me to reprint my “FREEDOM” story for you with a few points added to help to show how you can still retire here in Ecuador even though your retirement nest egg may have become much smaller in the last few months. There are a few things ...(click here for the rest of the story)
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I have wanted for some time share the story of how I found Ecuador. I have been a bit of an adventurer all of my life. I had a very good life in the USA, and created a number of successful small companies in my spare time during the off season of my 30 ...(click here for the rest of the story)

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